Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs in Auckland

We use an full original Super AMOLED LCD & Gorilla Glass display assemblies.

Original Parts
Screen Repairs
Battery's & Charging Ports
Cases & Screen Guards


  • We strive to deliver four key fundamentals:

    1. The use of the highest quality original parts
    2. Transparent pricing & part quality information
    3. Quality workmanship
    4. An express service

    We are NOT a low cost or shoe box repair company. Investing significant amounts of time & money into quality control, communication and research gives us confidence that we are offering the best possible service.

  • We supply courtesy iPhone 5c, Samsung S6 & LG Nexus 5 phones for use while your device is getting fixed.

  • The quality of parts in the mobile phone industry is a minefield. We procure only new original parts** 

    Although more expensive, original parts have a better build quality, use original Gorilla Glass (on screens) & last about 3-4 times as long as a copy or aftermarket part.

    High warranty rates, faulty parts & quality issues relating to copy / aftermarket parts is not worth the trouble so it’s in our best interest to procure only the best.

    **The only exception to this is iPhone screens where we offer original and a discounted refurbished quality. Read More Here

  • Lithium in batteries, chemicals used in LCD’s and metals used on motherboards cause significant enviornemental damage, which makes “e-Waste” a major issue worldwide.

    Like all Kiwi’s, we love our country so we pay for all discarded parts to be collected and recycled via a local E-Waste company to be sent overseas so the metals can be recycled and harsh chemicals disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

    We also offer a free service to anyone who wants to dispose of their phone, laptop or tablet so its does not end up in NZ’s landfill and contaminate our environment.
    Be smart with E-Waste, if we are not local Google your nearest E-Waste disposal centre.
  • All repairs are backed by a 4 month warranty. Generally any issue is fixed on the spot.

  • Most repairs are done in 1 hour, however we do recommend booking an appointment to ensure we have the part in stock, are not backlogged and the repair can be completed in that time frame.

  • We stock iPhone, Samsung & HTC

    – Genuine Cowhide Leather Cases
    – Lifeproof Cases
    – Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
    – iPad Cases
    – Slimline Silicone Cases (free with any purchase)
    – Apple & Samsung USB & Chargers
    – SD Cards


Smashed IT specialises in Samsung mobile phone & tablet repairs.

One of our key services is a 1 hour Samsung Galaxy screen replacement. This can be done at our repair centre on Parnell Road. We also repair Galaxy Tablet glass screens which are generally completed within 1-2 days.

What sets us apart is our transparency to Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S & Galaxy Note screen & part qualities. We stock factory original parts but also a more economical solution which incorporates aftermarket materials, for example, a Galaxy screen can comprise an aftermarket glass and original AMOLED LCD or the original Gorilla Glass & AMOLED LCD. Some companies simply quote “original” while withholding the quality of the glass & touch sensor. This is not our practice and we strive to take the smoke & mirrors away from Samsung repairs by quoting transparent quality, pricing & service levels.


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